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Medlink Laboratory

  • Phone: +264 66 255 721
  • Address: Erf 1078, Gf031 Eugene Kakukuru Street, Rundu, Namibia
  • Email Address: medlinklab@iway.na
  • Fax: +264 66 255 721

About Us: Medlink HealthCare Services Laboratory contributes to excellent patient care by providing comprehensive, high quality laboratory testing and patient-focused expert consultation. This mission is supported by innovative personnel keeping abreast with the latest technologies, exceptional customer service and continuous quality improvement STEP 1: RECRUITMENT • STEP 2: SUBMITTING SAMPLES • • STEP 3: SPECIMEN RECEPTION AND ANALYSIS • • STEP 4: RESULT DISPATCH AND COMMUNICATION STEP 5: CLAIMS Courier Service Medlink Healthcare Service has a system in place to ensure constant, uninterrupted courier service within Windhoek. A designated specially trained driver in occupational health and safety will be responsible for collecting and delivering specimens to our laboratory. List of Tests Performed The Medlink Healthcare Services test request form has a comprehensive battery of tests off

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